You may remember learning in chemistry that every substance has its own PH which determines its degree of acidity. So, you may be surprised to learn that the optimum PH for women is precisely 4; like a cherry in a Vodka Sour!

Phème embodies the search for this perfect female chemistry: a skilful dosage of sweetness, spices, acidity and bitterness that gives femininity such a special flavor.

Like the Greeks who imagined that the world was the product of 4 elements: earth, water, air and fire, we believe that the essence of femininity lies in elements such as compassion, tenderness , affection and desire. Phème's mission is to reveal the singular femininity that lies dormant in every woman. Each of our creations aims to capture the wonderfully contradictory nature of women: sensual but shy, facetious but naturally elegant, unpredictable but timeless.

A unique style for any occasion

Phème seeks to offer unique items that stand out from the big fast fashion brands. Each Phème creation brings originality to the personal style of our clients. We imagine silhouettes with natural ease that celebrate women in all occasions. Whether you're going on a first date, on a beach vacation or to an ex's wedding, Phème will always have the perfect style!

We attach particular importance to culture and craftsmanship by ensuring that we offer irreproachable quality thanks to many pieces made by hand all over the world. We mainly use low-impact natural materials and we favor partners and manufacturers that offer opportunities to women in precarious situations and promote inclusive projects. To put it simply, the raison d'être of Phème is the desire to pay homage to femininity by awakening the soul of fashion.