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Phème Club Loyalty Program

Introducing the Phème Club Loyalty Program:

Earn points effortlessly by placing orders. Each euro spent equals one point earned. Points remain valid for one year. Redeem your points for fantastic rewards:

 • 300 points = 5€ voucher
 • 500 points = 10€ voucher
 • 800 points = 20€ voucher
 • 1200 points = 40€ voucher
 • 1600 points = 80€ voucher

Remember, vouchers are valid for six months after redemption. Join Phème Club today and start reaping the benefits!

Returns or exchanges will result in corresponding point deductions.

If an order is partially paid with a voucher, the redeemed amount cannot be refunded.
Your voucher is generated as a promotion code, usable during checkout, and cannot be combined with other promotion codes. 
If you have more than one vouchers, only one can be used per order.